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Name:Ynrethi An
Birthdate:May 26
Location:Cuba, Missouri, United States of America
We are Ynrethi An, a gateway multiple system based out of a world called Nilanou. Our system is largely made of what you would call fictives, amd a great many of us are in touch with our worlds of origin (or in the case of those born to such folks, our parents' worlds). We also have a scant few with no identified canon, and some whose parallels exist in this world. Note: we are NOT soulbonds, nothing against them but that is not what we are. We simply hopped a few universes and ended up in Nilanou, by which we end up in this body. Most multiples would consider us...well, let's just say there's a reason we don't talk to many people.

We are, individually, many ages and many genders. Collectively, we are a transman edging closer to three hectic decades of life. We are high-functioning autistic (with often severe meltdowns), we have PTSD, anxiety, depression, endometriosis, PVC arrhythmia, fatigue, and IBS-c/d. As far as trans goes, we are not looking to transition; it is medically unwise and would be life-threatening. We do want the internal plumbing removed (see endometriosis) as all hormonal methods of countering our condition have done no good.

We are also of many faiths, though collectively we are eclectic Pagan. Our system forerunners (those who are here most often and handle the largest part of this-world responsibility) includes a shaman of Norse and Celtic tradition.

We are quite openly kinky. Some of us are more toppish, some bottomish, some are Doms, some are subs, others are more into giving or receiving pain with little to no power dynamic. There are a very few of us who are entirely vanilla. Collectively, we are a Dom-leaning switch who loves edge play. We will cut and describe kink entries, as we know not everyone may want to hear about that.

We have a wife-system who we are caregiver to, as she has many severely limiting medical conditions. We are also uncle and nanny to two veey autistic young boys (one of whom is developmentally and verbally delayed), and we take care of their mother's house while she works. This means we must budget out our limited spoons extremely carefully: we will try to promptly respond to all messages and comments, and we will try to comment, but if our spoons run low we will dedicate them to our family and resting.

We are openly polyamorous, and we share a girlfriend (and kink bottom) with our wife. She and her children and husband currently live several states away, though the eventual goal is to move everyone together. We also have an almost-boyfriend-system a few states away whom we share with our wife...we're not at the point of being official yet, though the line between platonic and other affection is often blurted.
Oh yes, collectively we are demi-pansexual with a definite sapiosexual inclination, and we are slightly gynophilic. Individually? Just about every orientation under the sun.

So come on in, have a read, sit and enjoy the ride!

Sexual abuse/rape
Abuse by parental figures
Relationship abuse
Suicidal talk
Severe dysphoria
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